Your Young Living income potential is given to you, because you need up-to-date numbers to keep your business on track, and Young Living knows that building your business in an honest and transparent way is as important to you.

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In the “2017 Worldwide Income Disclosure Statement” PDF below, you’ll find carefully researched information about the incomes earned by ranking worldwide members.

Remember, all Young Living members are required to provide a copy of this statement to contacts when talking about the earning potential of Young Living members.

View and download the PDF here: Young Living Income Disclosure Statement

9 Reasons To Start A Young Living Business


Young Living has been pioneering the essential oil movement for over two decades, with more than 5.6 million people around
the globe joining in Young Living’s mission to bring pure essentials oils to every home in the world.

Young Living’s commitment to transforming lives guides everything Young Living does; it is the reason Young Living is the recognized leader in essential oils. Whether members join Young Living’s global community to find pure products they can trust, a greater sense of purpose, an opportunity to empower others, or whole-life wellness, Young Living offers proven solutions.


Preferred Customers

89.5% of Young Living Members are Preferred Customers. These members have not personally enrolled another person but enjoy our high-quality products and exclusive member benefits.

Of the millions of members dedicated to Young Living, 89.5% are Preferred Customers—Young Living members who have never enrolled someone else but purchase product and enjoy member benefits.

Preferred Customers join to enjoy Young Living products and wellness solutions.

While our expanding line of more than 600 products offers limitless ways to gain greater physical wellness, the Young Living community offers members a way to discover wellness in every facet of life; and our Preferred Customers have access to these and other exclusive member benefits.

Young Living member benefits include:

• A 24% discount on our 600+ life-changing products, including over 220 essential oils and blends
• Access to an extensive library of essential oil and wellness product education, usage tips, and other valuable resources in our Virtual Office
• Ability to join our Essential Rewards loyalty subscription for convenient, monthly automatic shipments, shipping discounts, points to redeem toward future purchases, and more
• Communication about all things Young Living, including new product announcements, bi-monthly newsletters, event invitations, and much more
• Opportunity to earn an income through our compensation plan as a Business Builder

Young Living Compensation Plan Explained

Business Builders

10.5% of Young Living members are Business Builders. These members have personally enrolled other individuals and enjoy our compensation plan benefits, high-quality products, exclusive member benefits, and other rank-specific perks.

Once members begin to share the products they love with others who enroll and purchase products with Young Living, our compensation plan empowers them to create a brighter future with the additional income they can earn.

This compensation can become much more than a paycheck as it enables members to discover freedom and meaning through passion-motivated sharing.

Earning compensation requires dedication and hard work; it can be easier or harder depending on the motivation for enrolling, sales skill, existing network, and market conditions. We support those who choose to build a business with:

• Training and incentive programs such as Young Living Central, Elite Express, and Help 5
• Startup costs as low as $45 for a Basic Starter Kit
• A 30-day return policy as outlined in our Policies and Procedures
• Quality products we believe are easy to love and share

Young Living Leadership Ranks Building Your Business

Young Living Income Disclosure Statement Table

Young Living Opportunity

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