Get rewarded for the purchases customers and members in your sales organization make! While all these numbers, and tables and concepts may look intimidating, I’ve included some excellent videos, that explain it all!

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Young Living’s compensation plan uses a three-level approach that outlines the path that can help you strategically build your business, move to the next level, and be compensated as you grow.

Young Living Compensation Plan Explained

1. Creating A Foundation

Every business needs a solid foundation. With our Rising Star Team Bonus, you can be guided as you progress from distributor all the way up to Executive.

Young Living Compensation Plan Creating A Foundation

Guide To Young Living Ranks From STAR To EXECUTIVE

2. Building Your Business

Once you’ve seen the benefits of our products and of sharing them, you’re ready to share that experience with others. Build on your foundation by adding others to your team and achieving success together!

Young Living Compensation Plan Building Your Business

How To Advance From Silver To Platinum Rank

3. Developing Leaders

With an established business and a passion for inspiring wellness through Young Living, you’re ready to take the mission worldwide as you lead others to success

Young Living Compensation Plan Developing Leaders

Dream BIG! Moving From Diamond To Royal Crown Diamond

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Additional Earning Opportunities

4. Fast Start Bonus

• Earn a generous 25% bonus, up to $200 each, on your new, personally enrolled members’ orders during the first three calendar Months!
• Second-level enrollers earn 10%, up to $80 each, on the newly enrolled members’ orders described above during the same time period!

5. Starter Kit Bonus

Earn a one-time $25 cash bonus when your new, personally enrolled member orders the Premium Starter Kit! Member must purchase a Premium Starter Kit in the same month as enrolled to qualify.

6. Retail Earnings

When you personally sponsor retail customers, you may earn the 24% difference between the retail and wholesale price for their orders.

Another Look At The Young Living Compensation Plan

Beginner’s Guide To Young Living Terminology

Compensation Plan Terms And Definitions

Enroller: The person responsible for introducing a new member to Young Living. Enrollers are eligible to qualify for financial bonuses, including the Fast Start and Starter Kit bonuses.

Sponsor: A new member’s direct upline and main support. The sponsor may also be the enroller.

PV (Personal Volume): The total monthly volume of your personal orders.

OGV (Organization Group Volume): The monthly volume of your entire organization.

PGV (Personal Group Volume): The monthly volume in an organization, excluding any Silver or higher rank volume and any qualifying leg(s) volume.

Leg: Each personally sponsored member is considered first level and a separate leg within an organization.

LV (Leg Volume) @ OGV: The number of legs and the amount of monthly OGV required for each leg to qualify for each rank.

Level: The position of a member within an organization. Members who are directly sponsored by another member are considered the sponsoring member’s first level. Those members who are sponsored by a member’s first level are considered that member’s second level and so on.

Compression: If a member does not meet the 100 PV qualification to earn commissions, his or her volume, if any, is combined, or “compressed,” with all the volume of members down to and including the next qualifying member in the organization with at least 100 PV.

Unilevel: Unilevel is a term used to define the percentage of commission earned for each level. Qualifying members with 100 PV earn 8% on the PV of each member on the first level within their organization, 5% on the second level, and 4% on the third through fifth levels depending on rank achieved that month.

Personal Generation Commissions: Additional commissions are paid to members who achieve the rank of Silver or higher on all volume within each leg of the organization, down to but excluding the next Silver or higher ranked member within the leg.

Generation: A Silver or higher ranked member and his or her entire organization.

Generation Commissions: Based on a member’s monthly rank of Silver or higher, an additional 3% commission is paid on the OGV of each Silver or higher in the member’s organization. This commission is paid down to the next Silver or higher ranked member and down to eight generations deep in each leg.

Essential Rewards (ER): Members are encouraged to sign up for this autoship program in which they order products that are automatically shipped to them each month. Essential Rewards purchases earn the member ER points redeemable for free product and may be changed each month.
A minimum 50 PV is required, although 100 PV is required for the Rising Star Team Bonus.

We Love Rewards! Young Living Essential Rewards Explained

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