Becoming a Young Living member is done through purchasing a “Premium Starter Kit”, that come in various configurations. They’re designed for different interests and lifestyles in mind, to get you started on your path of a healthier life!

Let’s Start With A Brief Young Living New Member FAQ

1. Why should I become an Young Living Wholesale Member?
In addition to the wholesale pricing (24% off retail price), you also have the option of sharing the oils with your friends and family in order to earn commissions and participate in promotions for free oils.

If this is something you are considering, please contact me. I will be more than happy to help you get started!

Quality: If you are new to essential oils, you may have been using some brands you found on Amazon, Ebay or in a health shops.

Did you know that in order for “therapeutic grade” essential oils to be labeled 100%, the bottle only needs to contain 5% actual oil?

So what is the other 95% of the ingredients? Now that’s scary! Young Living products are absolutely pure, not diluted and each and every batch is tested at least 14 times! No other company can make that claim.

Care: Not to take anything away from other excellent companies out there, but you are not selling items to wear or to look cute and collect dust – you are improving people’s lives by helping them live above the wellness line.

As the testimonials start to pour in from yourself, your friends and those strangers you’ve helped, you’ll feel so good about what you are building.

Everyone needs to reduce toxins and chemicals in their home and in their bodies, and they will actually save money doing so.

The oily life can take over your whole house and family! We reach for the oil drawer, not the medicine cabinet and we said goodbye to those expensive toxic cleaning products.

We spend pennies instead of dollars for our household supplies now.

Values: In time, we believe you will wholly embrace Young Living as much as so many have, and realize the impact and change working with this company will have on your life.

The giving spirit of Young Living has inspired millions of people globally to experience the bountiful wellness that nature offers, generated abundance opportunities for all the Young Living members, and gives back to those not so fortunate through the Young Living Foundation.

2. Is there a monthly order minimum?
No. You do not have to order monthly in order to benefit from being a Wholesale Member.

3. I don’t really want to sell essential oils. Do I have to sell Young Living products to be a Wholesale Member?
Of course not. Since there is no monthly order requirement you can simply just order whenever you and your family need it. There is no requirement to have a business.

4. What do I need to do to get started?
To begin as a Wholesale Member, you start with buying an enrollment kit a.k.a Premium Starter Kit. Just choose a diffuser option, and then you’re set. This is the same kit I purchased to get started on my essential oil journey.

5. What is the startup cost to become a Young Living Essential Oils distributor?
The cost to purchase the Young Living Essential Oils Premium Starter Kit is only $160 (retail value over $300). There are no hidden costs.

Also, with the purchase of the Young Living Essential Oils Premium Starter Kit, you will automatically become a wholesale member and receive 24% off any and all future purchases.

6. What is Essential Rewards?
Essential Rewards (ER) is an optional loyalty program. When you join, you’ll start accumulating rewards points (10-20% on your qualifying order) for everything you buy, which can be used to get free products on future orders.

The longer you’re using the Essential Rewards Program, the more points you’ll earn-back for future purchases:

  • Months 1-3 on ER = 10% back in points
  • Months 4-24 on ER = 20% back in points
  • Months 25+ on ER = 25% back in points

You can join the ER program later – but believe me, this is great to join from the get-go.

Young Living has “not only” oils but many essential oil-infused products and supplements like NingXia Red and Master Formula (multivitamins), beauty products (like the ART skin care line), and even toothpaste (trust me, Thieves toothpaste will change your life).

7. What is in the Young Living Essential Oils Premium Starter Kit

You Also Receive:

8. How much can I earn with Young Living Essential Oils?
Your income potential with Young Living Essential Oils will vary based on your time and commitment to sharing.
If you are new to essential oils and/or network marketing, know that you are joining an extremely robust team that will support you in all of your efforts to maximize your earning potential and train you in the many different ways to grow your business.

9. How much inventory do I need to stock?
Zero. You don’t need pre-order in bulk and no need to keep stock! Just as you will get started with the Young Living Essential Oils Premium Starter Kit, so will the others that you share your business with.

Your casual conversations will may touch upon how Young Living Essential Oils have positively impacted your lifestyle and wellness.

You may naturally build up an inventory of items that you use, but you are never required to purchase or carry an inventory of items to be a successful and profitable Young Living Essential Oils representative.

10. How do I get new customers with Young Living Essential Oils?
People have shared their businesses in many different exciting and unlikely ways.

You can replicate the success of your sponsor, or create your own mix of techniques that you are most comfortable with.
Facebook classes are really in vogue and it is easy to invite your friends and associates from all over the world to participate in the comfort of their homes.

This is easier for some people who are not comfortable to speak in public, but still want to show attendees how much they love Young Living Essential Oils.

Here Is A Quick Walk-Through Of Signing-Up

Step 1 – Let’s Get Started With The Illustrated Sign-Up:

Let’s go to the Sign-up Page
Important: if it’s not already automatically filled-in, please make sure that you show 17023029, as both your Enroller ID and Sponsor ID.

Membership virtual office sign-up - Young Living Essential Oils

Reasons Why Becoming A “Member” Is Better Than A “Retail Customer”:

  • Enjoy 24 percent off retail pricing on your favorite products.
  • Participate in the compensation plan and earn commissions just by sharing Young Living.
  • Qualify for exclusive Young Living member events around the world.
  • Enjoy the benefits and convenience of Essential Rewards.

Step 2:

Choose your Starter Kit and Select A Diffuser Of Your Choice.
One of your options is the most popular “Premium Starter Kit”:

Member Sign-up Premium Starter Kit Choices - Young Living Essential Oils

You Can Also Choose From Another Selection Of Starter Kits:

Member Registration Premium Starter Kit Choices - Young Living Essential Oils


More Options Under The Specialty Kits Tab:

Member Sign-up Specialty Starter Kit Choices - Young Living Essential Oils

Two Ways To Sign-up For Essential Rewards Program:

Option 1 – Designate your Premium Starter Kit, as your Essential Rewards purchase:
Check this box: Use the selected Premium Starter Kit as my first Essential Rewards order and sign me up for an Essential Rewards subscription. *If you check this box, please skip Step 2.

Option 2 – Add more products besides your Premium Starter Kit, as your Essential Rewards purchase:
By choosing an Essential Rewards kit below, you are opting out of counting your starter kit selection above as your first Essential Rewards order. Please note that you will be charged for items selected below and above upon completing your enrollment.

To change your Essential Rewards order for next month, you must log in to Virtual Office and update your Essential Rewards template, located in the Essential Rewards section of the. You can change the contents of your Essential Rewards order every month, if desired.

Option 2 Continued: Sign-up for Essential Rewards Auto-Ship Program (optional)

It makes sense to sign-up immediately for Essential Rewards, so you can be on your way to rewards, plus big saving on products and shipping costs.

You can stop using the Essential Rewards Program at any time – just make sure you’ve used all your reward points, so you don’t loose them!

Member Sign-up Essential Rewards Program - Young Living Essential Oils

Essential Rewards, The Most Popular Shopping Program Includes:

  • Cancel or Change Your Order Anytime 
  • Discounted Shipping 
  • Earn FREE Products 
  • Essential Rewards Promotions 
  • Discounted Product Kits 
  • Scheduled Delivery: Save Time and Hassle

Earn between 10-25% of every Essential Rewards order, back in points. 1pt = $1 that you can use for free products.

For instance, If you order 100pv (usually equal to $100) you’d receive 20pts ($20) to purchase more products.

The longer you’re using the Essential Rewards Program, the more points you’ll earn-back for future purchases:

  • Months 1-3 on ER = 10% back in points
  • Months 4-24 on ER = 20% back in points
  • Months 25+ on ER = 25% back in points

And gifts are given on months 3, 6, and 9 with a SPECIAL GIFT at month 12.
Also, earn additional free products when your order reaches the right pv amount (190pv, 250pv, 300pv)!

Before Finalizing Your Order …

You can add additional products to your enrollment order, by clicking the “Add More Products” button:

Young Living Member Sign-up Essential Rewards Program More Product Choices

Step 3, 4 And 5 Are The Usual Steps:

  • Member Info
  • Shipping And Payment
  • Checkout

And that’s it. Congratulation for ordering your Premium Starter Kit!

Say Goodbye To Chemicals - Start Your Young Living Essential Oils Journey
Start Your Young Living Essential Oils Journey By Becoming a Member

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Clearing-up A Common Misconception About Wholesale Membership

As a Wholesale member of Young Living, you’re not expected to sell anything at all. Being a Wholesale Member only means that you’re purchasing the oils at a 24% discounted rate.

When you consider becoming a Young Living Wholesale member, understand that there are no other obligations, no minimum purchases, no membership fees, you’re never required to sell anything, just enjoy the member benefits of purchasing all your future products at 24% off retail pricing.

No Obligations

When you consider becoming a Young Living Wholesale member, understand that there are no obligations other than purchasing 50PV per YEAR worth of discounted essential oils to maintain the membership. That’s per year, not per month.

PV is ‘Points Value/Personal Volume’ and is a unit of measurement generally equal to one dollar and is used for things.

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