Do you know the color of your personality type?
When you interact with people, do you consider their personality type?
Do you know how to determine anyone’s personality color almost instantly?

If you answered no to any of these questions, you are not alone. The good news is that this superpower can be learned quickly and easily.

How The Four Personality Types Relate To The Young Living Business Opportunity:

Advantages Of Red Driver Personality For Young Living Business Opportunity

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Advantages Of Blue Expressive Personality For Young Living Business Opportunity

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Advantages Of Yellow Amiable Personality For Young Living Business Opportunity

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Advantages Of Green Analytical Personality For Young Living Business Opportunity

Colors Of The Four Personality Types – The Whole Picture:

Four Colors Of Personality Types For Young Living Network Marketing

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  • you feel that you don’t know enough people and you wouldn’t want to bother them anyways

Important note: some people feel that they belong to more than one personality type.
For simplicity’s sake, please select your most dominant personality type:

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Forget About The Golden Rule, When It Comes To Network Marketing!

You MUST ignore the Golden Rule: “Treat Others How You Want To Be Treated”!

When it comes to network marketing – and in life general – you want to treat others according to how THEY see the world, according to their own worldviews, not based on your own personality!

Young Living Essential Oils Opportunity And The Four Personality Types

To be a successful Young Living independent distributor, the skill of quickly and accurately detecting people’s personality types is invaluable.

By using your newly acquired superpower, you can optimize your Young Living gameplan, according to your own personality type.
In addition, this superpower is useful when you are interacting with people in general. Whether in your personal or professional life.

By the way, there isn’t a better or worse personality type for being successful in network marketing.
The key is to properly use the colors of personality types, to create greater harmony within yourself, and with others.

Fun Explanation Of The Four Personality Colors With Marine Animal Examples:

By the way, there aren’t better or worse personality types for being a successful Young Living independent distributor.
The key is to use the colors of personality types, to create greater harmony within yourself, and with others.

The Colors Of The Four Personality Types Simplified:

Four Personality Types - Doer, Socializer, Relater And Thinker For Direct Sales And Network Marketing

The following is my brief, informal interpretation of the four personality types, as they are related to the Young Living Opportunity.
Personality types are not an exact science, and as they say: individual results may and will vary.

If You Have A RED Competitive Personality

You will most likely want to set ambitious goals, build a large network and a highly profitable business. You will want to qualify for all performance bonuses and rewards. Money is a great motivator in your life.

You will probably make the most money in your network. You are very competitive and crave recognition. You like organizing things, and generally don’t listen to others.

You will aim to achieve every leadership rank in record time. You are a leader, the boss and being the second best is never an option for you.

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If You Have A BLUE Social Personality

You will most likely want to attend all of the high-energy Young Living company events, network with like-minded energetic, extroverted people and travel the World. You will be motivating and inspiring others to achieve success, perhaps by organizing your own events. You are the opposite of a wallflower.

You are all about the party. You get along with everybody. You are always talking but don’t listen to others, because you are thinking 100 miles an hour.

You are often unorganized and don’t follow-up, because you are always meeting new people. Your motto is: “You Can Rest When You’re Dead”, and you thrive on lots of activity. You bring a lot of people into the business.  Your personality is the best for promotion.

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If You Have A YELLOW Caring Personality

You will most likely want to help others to live a healthier lifestyle by replacing harmful chemical-filled products with healthy chemical-free essential oil alternatives. In addition you will help people to improve their financial situation – if they show interest – by becoming Young Living independent distributors.

You love to help people, to nurture and to support, and you are in the “business of helping people”.  You are moms, nurses, massage therapist, ministers, psychologist, grandmothers, etc. You make great leaders because you like to support and you like to help.

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Yellow Personality - Say Goodbye To Chemicals With Young Living Essential Oils

If You Have A GREEN Analytical Personality

You will most likely want to take your time to really research essential oils and Young Living. You will read all PDF’s, listen to all podcasts and audiobooks, and watch all YouTube videos that are even remotely related to essential oils and network marketing.

You will not become a Young Living member UNTIL you are comfortable, that you are FULLY prepared.

You lack personality or at least don’t show much of it to the outside world. You need all the answers before you do anything. You spend all the time working out the details, just to avoid talking to people. Generally people make you feel uncomfortable, especially in social situations.

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