We Love Essential Oils and AromatherapyGreetings!

I’m Ferenc, I was born and raised in Hungary. After the age of 20, I spent most of my time in the USA.

The short version of this page would read, what I list on my social media profiles (facebook, twitter, instagram): essential oils enthusiast,  web and graphic designer, photographer, homepreneur and vagabond.

But I will write about my essential oils journey in more detail, because I think I’m one of the most unlikely essential oil fans, and an equally unlikely network marketer / Young Living distributor.

Before the age of 51, I never used essential oils, scented candles, not even a plug-in air freshener.

If anyone would’ve approached me about essential oils and/or network marketing, my first (and last) reaction definitely would’ve been: no way, that’s not for me!

I would’ve listed the usual excuses:

  • I’m not a natural sales person, and I don’t have any desire or talent to become one
  • I don’t use essential oils or any related products, nor do I know their purpose
  • I don’t have enough coworkers, friends and family to get started, and I wouldn’t want to bother them anyways
  • I’d be joining too late, and the money is only being made by the few people on the top who joined early

What changed all this, was an honest and trustworthy recommendation from a friend, who is a Young Living distributor.

After our discussion, I had to admit to myself, that I had formed a solid opinion about something that I really had no detailed knowledge about.

After listening to audiobooks and podcasts, watching videos about network marketing and Young Living compensation plan and business building, I had a complete change of mind. I also found great value in the four personality types.

Soon I was able to revisit the subjects of essential oils and network marketing without my old biases, excuses and negativity.

The main reasons why I was able to achieve this transformation in a very short time – in about 2 months – were:
1 ) the “messenger” was a trusted friend
2 ) my in-depth research, self education and information.

But I am glad that I went through this change of mind. It will help me better relate to people, who have the same biases and negative mindsets I used to have toward essential oils and network marketing.

Of course everybody’s beginning will be different, based on their circumstances and their personality type. For me research and analysis were important because I am a green personality type.

For some people it will take longer or shorter to be convinced to start their essential oils journey.
Some people will do less research and fully commit right from the start. These people will be able to immediately learn from their mistakes and perhaps get a headstart.

This website contains my research notes organized into articles, my own “Beginner’s Guide To Young Living’s Essential Oils And Network Marketing“.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me.

Best wishes!

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