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Welcome To My Website!

For Most People A Young Living Membership Offers Two Opportunities:

1 ) Some people have replaced their often toxic, chemical-filled household products and personal care items with natural, essential oil-containing alternatives and enjoyed the therapeutic benefits of essential oils.

2 ) Some have earned additional income, or even started a successful home-based business by recommending essential oils and products they love and use, while improving people’s lives.

If you have prior experience with essential oils and/or network marketing, but never had that aha moment, I know how you feel! I had my own list of objections and biases for decades.

But looking into using all natural products, and building a home-based business just a little deeper, completely changed my mind!

Please use the Contact Form for your questions and feedback.

When you are ready to start your essential oils journey, click here to Sign-up And Become A Young Living Member.

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Some Of The Topics Discussed:

How Young Living guarantees the highest quality essential oils, by going above and beyond

How to get started with essential oils, illustrated by real life examples and video tutorials

How to order oils, by becoming a Young Living member via purchasing a Premium Starter Kit, that best fits your lifestyle (btw, members are never required to sell)

How Young Living member benefits and compensation work, plus rewards, bonuses, leadership ranks, payouts explained in easy-to-follow videos

How to build your team and grow your network with effective network marketing tips and proven strategies – presented by professionals

• All Young Living Products links, useful FAQ’s, official Young Living documentation, lots of videos, About Me, and much, much more …

 How To Navigate My Website

Say Goodbye To Chemicals! Beginner's Guide to Young Living Essential Oils And AromatherapyStart Your Young Living Essential Oils Research Here:

Why Choose Young Living
Getting Started With Essential Oils
What Are Premium Starter Kits
Essential Oils Product Catalog
How To Buy Essential Oils
Member Benefits & Rewards
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Fire Your Boss! Beginner's Guide to Young Living Income Opportunity And CompensationBeginner’s Guide To Being A Young Living Independent Distributor:

Young Living Compensation Plan
Income Disclosure Statement
Essential Rewards Savings Program
Elite Express Performance Bonus
YL GO Express Shipping Program
Useful Terms And Definitions
Business Building & Network Marketing Videos
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Are You Ready For Your Young Living Essential Oils Premium Starter Kit?Quick Introduction To The Most Popular Young Living Premium Starter Kits:

Essential Oils & Diffuser Premium Starter Kit
NingXia Nutrition Premium Starter Kit
Thieves® Household Products Premium Starter Kit
Savvy Minerals Cosmetics Premium Starter Kit
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Sign-up Today To Become A Young Living Essential Oils Network Marketing ProUseful Network Marketing And Young Living Business Building Resources:

Young Living Compensation, Bonuses And Payout Videos
Essential Rewards And Young Living Terminology Videos
Young Living Leadership Rank Videos
Business Strategy Videos For Young Living Distributors
Best Of Eric Worre Videos – Network Marketing Pro
Best Of Tom “Big Al” Schreiter’s Network Marketing Videos
Best Of Network Marketing Tips And Tricks Videos
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A Brief Introduction To Young Living Essential Oils

Why Choose Young Living Essential Oils, And Not The Cheap Stuff On Amazon Or Ebay, Or In A Walmart Discount Bin?

What’s Next, After Your Young Living Essential Oils Research Is Done?

Take your time and do a thorough research about Young Living, essential oils, premium starter kits, Young Living member benefits and even network marketing (optional)!

You don’t have to become an expert at all aspects to get started. Part of the journey is by slowly and gradually discovering the uses of essential oils, and by finding out, which oils and products will become your favorites.

If you feel that you are comfortably well-informed to start your Young Living essential oils journey, Click Here To Become A Member.

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Clearing-up A Common Misconception About The Definition Of “Wholesale” Membership

Membership virtual office sign-up - Young Living Essential Oils

After signing-up as a “Wholesale” Member of Young Living, you’re not expected to sell anything at all, EVER.

Being a Wholesale Member only means that you’re purchasing the oils at a 24% discounted rate, in other words you are purchasing at wholesale price.
Wholesale Membership is free and it leads to big discounts, even if you never sell anything.

Becoming a Young Living member is done through purchasing aPremium Starter Kit“, that come in various configurations.
They’re designed for different interests and lifestyles in mind, to get you started on your path of a healthier life!

Optional: as a Wholesale Member, you can also earn commissions and free promotional items sharing Young Living Essential Oils to family and friends, or to the greater public as a Young Living Independent Distributor.

Retail customers simply purchase Young Living products at full, non-member prices.

When you consider becoming a Young Living Wholesale member, understand that there are no other obligations, no minimum purchases, no membership fees, you’re never required to sell anything, just enjoy the member benefits of purchasing all your future products at 24% off retail pricing.

Step-By-Step Instructions On How To Sign-up To Become A Young Living Member

The Difference Between Employee vs Entrepreneur:

Employee vs Entrepreneur Difference In Work, Effort, Support and Income

Young Living Products By Category

Essential Oil Products

Young Living Essential Oil Products

Essential Oil Singles  •  Essential Oil Blends  •  Vitality™ Dietary Essential Oils  •  Roll-Ons  •  Massage Oils  •  Young Living Collections

Premium Starter Kits

Choose From A Selection Of Young Living Premium Starter Kit Products

Young Living Premium Starter Kits

At Home Products

Young Living At Home Thieves Products

Thieves Cleaning & Personal Care  •  No-Prescription, Over The Counter  •  KidScents  •  Animal Scents  •  Seedlings Baby Products

Health And Wellness Products

Young Living Healthy And Wellness Products

NingXia Red® With Goji Berries  •  Slique Weight Management  •  Foundation Nutrition Multivitamins  •  Targeted Nutrition For Specific Needs  •  GI Cleansing Nutrition  •  Healthy Cooking  •  Nutritional Gear & Accessories

Personal Care And Beauty Products

Young Living Personal Care & Beauty Products

ART Skin Care System  •  Facial Care  •  Hair Care  •  Dental Care  •  Body Care  •  Lotions and Moisturizers  •  Soaps and Bath Gels  •  Savvy Minerals Make-up by Young Living™  •  Men’s Shaving, grooming & Body Care

Diffusers And Accessories

Young Living Diffusers And Accessories

Diffusers  •  Accessories

Don’t forget to take a look at the Beautiful 2018 Young Living Product Catalog!

Order Your Young Living Premium Starter Kit Now and Become a Member

If you would like more information before Signing-up, please visit my articles:
Why Choose Young Living  •  Getting Started With Essential Oils  •  What Are Premium Starter Kits • How To Buy Essential Oils  •  Essential Oils Product Catalog  •  Member Benefits & Rewards  •  Young Living’s Compensation Plan  •  Business Building & Network Marketing Videos •  The Four Personality Types  •  Become A Young Living Member